Dulwich 1 – 0 Billericay Town

I once met a group of rappers from Billericay. They lovingly referred to the place as “da Billtown”, exhibiting a regional pride you might not expect from the average Billericite. I’m sure they wisely chose to take the mugshots for their album sleeve in front of a Basildon tower block instead of a Billtown bungalow, though.

There’s a video on Youtube of Hamlet fans away at the Blues, singing Gavin Rose’s Pink and Blue Army for 720 minutes non-stop, staging a post-match pitch invasion, and having a right tear up with the stewards.

What else about Billericay?
Oh yeah, it’s where Gavin and Stacey live as well.
So there we have it, Billericay: a name synonymous with hip-hop culture, nawty antics, and Matthew Horne looking despondently resigned while James Corden squeels PAMLAA incessantly in the background.
Billericay resident, looking forward to the game earlier
Anyway, before this game, Billericay had lost three, drawn three, and won one. That kind of scintillating form had seen them climb to eighteenth in the league table. They’d conceded six goals in their previous two matches.
So you knew we’d struggle to score against them.
Many people watching the game felt we were dominant throughout much of the 90 minutes, but we perhaps rode our luck towards the end of the match, with Phil Wilson showing his class yet again. In truth you’d have expected Billericay to have had a better start to the season than they have, and it was always likely to be a hard-fought game.
Now, the 12th Man scheme is downright amazing, and one of the many examples of why supporting Hamlet is the most sensible thing you can do on a Saturday afternoon.
Having funded Rhys Murrell-Williamson’s arrival at the club, he only went and put the ball in the net, on his debut, in the 90th minute!
The Billericay fans were shocked
Cor Blimey!

The 12th Man blog states that fans who contribute to the scheme “see the very real difference their contributions [are] making.” Well that was certainly true today.

Sadly, diminutive Dean Lodge has left the club due to work commitments, and through 12th Man funds, Murrell-Williamson was brought in on loan from Hayes and Yeading United. I saw their fans talking about how good he is on Twitter earlier today, and then he made a dream start. Hopefully I’ll get to see him in action on Tuesday night against Leatherhead.

The crowd was a very healthy 1547 today, and you have to wonder whether the recent article in the Observer had an impact. They say no publicity is bad publicity, after all. It would have been a great day for anyone visiting Champion Hill for the first time, seeing a win in front of a large crowd, and with the excellent Calais collection, organised by fans of the club, producing a huge number of donations at the turnstile.

It’s so refreshing to see such positivity from football crowds. It looks like absolutely loads of donations were made today, and Hamlet fans also displayed a large “Refugees Welcome” banner.

A moral victory, indeed.


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